Hasbro is interested in bringing on another G.I. Joe reboot, not too long after their last attempt to breathe life into the franchise in 2013. But this time, they’re taking a different approach.

While Hasbro preps for a Marvel Cinematic Universe-style reboot of their IPs, they will be making G.I. Joe appeal more to a younger demographic. The world has changed, and G.I Joe is going to be changing with it. But not so much that older fans can no longer recognise them.


“We hope to create a head snap. It’s a different kind of ‘Joe’ — one that still resonates with ‘Joe’ fans but brings in an uninitiated audience and expands the audience internationally and domestically,”explained Simon Waters, who is in charge of consumer products for Hasbro Studios.

There isn’t much else known yet about the reboot, except that the script is still being written. But if this does actually work out for Hasbro, they have plans to include other franchises in the cinematic world, including M.A.S.K, Visionaries, ROM and Micronauts. For M.A.S.K alone we hope it actually does work, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed.