With the San Diego Comic-Con just a week or so away, the brands are really busting our their previews to hype for the upcoming convention. Hasbro however, has a crazy lineup awaiting as this year’s con exclusive.

The lineup is based on the IDW Comics series Revolution, which essentially is a crossover of Hasbro’s most popular ’80ies toy lines in the form of a graphic novel in a single shared universe.

The Revolution Coic Crossover Preview Mega-Set will include a whopping 16 characters from the comics, inclusive of Transformers Jetfire, M.A.S.K’s Matt Tracker, Visionaries‘ Leoric, G.I.Joe‘s Roadblock, Rom the Spaceknight‘s Rom as well as a Dire Wraith and a handful of Micronauts.

The set will initially be available from Hasbro’s booth only on the show floor and will set you back about USD$100 (about RM429) if you wish to grab it from Hasbro’s online store once the con closes. Don’t wait too long though, they’ll only be in limited quantities!