A new area to explore. Looks eerie. 

Square Enix has announced a new forthcoming expansion for Final Fantasy XIV named Heavensward, scheduled for spring 2015.

The expansion will raise the level cap in the MMORPG from 50 to 60 while players will get a chance to have explore a new place called Ishgard. As usual, visual and spectacular feel is the main push point here to highlight why players should stick around in the game.

The key plot?  A war between Dravinia & Ishgard known as Dragonsong War, which has been going on for 1,000 years. Names like Wyrmking and Thordan with Knights Twelve are the focus of the narrative here.

4th City State – The Holy See of Ishgard will be added alongside new areas, new dungeons, new “high end” raids, new loot, new gear and recipes plus more professions. A new race called Viangaa will also be introduced.

The new city-state is led by an archbishop and four noble houses. A sharp class divide is evident between the privileged and the commoners at the city-state. New areas comprise locations beyond the Coerthas Highlands such as Dravinia, other domains that are ruled by beast tribes, floating land masses “above and beyond a sea of clouds” and treacherous mountains.

Watch the teaser trailer below.

Via Silicon Era