After quite a few years in slumber, Jigoku Shoujo/Hell Girl is suddenly getting a fourth season, which is set to drop this year.

The news comes from the upcoming Hell Girl manga omnibus, that a 4th season of the show is going to start broadcast July 2017.

There hasn’t been an official announcement for the series yet, so the details for the upcoming 4th season are actually quite scarce. The last episode of season 3 of Jigoku Shoujo was aired in 2009. That’s almost 8 years off the air. No, the live-action TV drama doesn’t count.

Here’s the story of Jigoku Shoujo as described by Sentai Filmworks:

“They call her Jigoku Tsushin – the Hell Girl. For endless years Ai Enma has served as the embodiment of revenge itself. If you desire to send another’s soul to eternal torment, contact her via the internet and she’ll come from her land of endless sunset to deliver your revenge… at the cost of sending your own soul, of course, but it’s a price a surprising number of people are willing to pay.”

Given that the Jigoku Shoujo storyline more or less came to a close, it will be interesting to see where the series tries to pick up from here.