Spring is here and along with the blooming of flowers and breezy sunny skies, here are the anime that you must watch when you’re outdoors enjoying the weather. This time around, we have an exciting lineup of anime concerning superhero/saviour wannabes, secret societies with a couple of them set in the northern picturesque setting of Japan (it is spring after all). Without wasting anymore time, here we go!

My Hero Academia

Boku Hero no Academia

Fans of Kōhei Horikoshi’s super hero manga series can scream in excitement because the ongoing Shōnen manga is set to have its own anime series with the run scheduled to begin on April 3 this year.

The Weekly Shōnen Jump series which was nominated for the 8th Manga Taishō tells the story of a boy who is born without superpowers in a world where superpowers are a norm. However, that doesn’t stop Izuku Midoriya to dream of becoming a superhero himself.

Watch it if: You enjoy superhero inspired series.

Official website here.