JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is one of those manga/anime series that practically anyone would recognise at a glance, even if they’re not entirely sure what it is. Now, you can snog characters from that illustrious series in a dating sim.

The game is called Joestar Struck and is a fangame created by Team Scallywag. It doesn’t quite follow the plot of the actual JoJo storylines (which involves cursed masks, descendants, and some other stuff that will take too long to explain) but here you get to kick back and date yoself some JoJo.

Of course, the game takes place in an alternate universe setting where all the Joestar family members attend a school for delinquents. The demo allows you to try out Josuke’s route, which in itself is peppered with references fans of the series will love. Josuke even gets freaked out by a turtle, which he does in his first appearance in the manga and anime.

The writing for the game apparently is completely unashamed for being an indulgent fangame, to the point it’s literally like playable fan fiction, as cheesy as seems.

Team Scallywag hopes to get the game out by early 2018, and you’ll be able to date JoJo protagonists Joseph, Jonathan and Jotaro aside from Josuke.

You can try the demo out here on!