Now this is something a lot of people have been waiting for. A first peek of the live action Attack on Titan movie. Last year, we managed to snag their cast lineup which, some fans were not exactly happy with. That’s not because of the casting though but instead, due to the unwelcome presence of un-canon weapons like the RPG and bow. This time however, we’re in for a treat with this short video that is a sort of behind the scene clip. It gives us a sneak peak, including a short trailer like segment, at what to expect from the movie and boy does it look good.

With a dark visual style that we’ve sort of expected to come out of the movie, we have to say it looks like visually at least, it’s going to be pretty decent. In the video we managed to get a glimpse of the Colossal Titan that is two times the size of original manga/anime version plus fast cuts of various characters from the live action movie in action (yes that include that controversial RPG scene).

The poster of the movie
The poster of the movie

Attack on Titan will be split into two movies and both are scheduled for a summer 2015 release in Japan. Obviously there’s only so much we can speculate from the short clips shown but what are your thoughts so far? Liked the visual style and creative changes the film makers have taken (as far as we know) so far?

Via Kotaku

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