Drones, they’re certainly becoming more than just mere fun flying machines. We can’t entirely imagine one delivering stuff yet but who wouldn’t find it cool to have a flying drone deliver goodies right to your house?

Our current technological restrictions don’t exactly make drone deliveries a thing yet; they don’t have much going for distance, they can’t fly for very long and there’s only so much they can carry. Also, they’re usually pretty loud.

However, UPS gives us a glimpse at what it could be like to actually have a drone deliver your stuff; but less as it’s own individual solution but as a helping buddy to the actual deliverymen.

How it works is the drone will sit in the UPS truck and it will help double deliveries in certain areas to save on time. We’re not sure if this will actually by faster than the actual delivery truck driving up to your home, but at least the drone won’t go missing because it’s gone out of range.

Anyhow, here’s the video below. Let us know what you think!