Nintendo Switch
Image Source Pixar Bay

Nintendo recently revealed more about their upcoming Nintendo Switch Online service and here’s what we know.

The paid service basically will allow Switch users to partake in online multiplayer gaming as well as make available a mobile app that connects to the Switch.

Users will also be able to download a bunch of classic titles that will feature online play, like Super Mario Bros. 3, Balloon Fight and Dr.Mario. The classic games will be accessible to users as long as they are active subscribers, and they will be releasing more classics and NES titles as time goes on. Nintendo is considering taking in Super NES games as well, so here’s hoping.

You will be able to grab a free trial version of the app starting this summer for a limited time, and it will let you use voice chat during online matches, invite friends and set appointments. When the free trial ends “most games” will need the subscription to play online.

If you do decide to hop on as a subscriber, it will cost you USD$3.99 a month, USD$7.99 for three months or USD$19.99 for a year’s subscription. The Japanese version will cost 300 yen, 800 yen and 2,400 yen respectively, and has the same features.

The service will be available in the U.S, Canada, Mexico and Japan at the moment, so hopefully, they’ll eventually let us have it too.