infernal sthrine

Blizzard  has revealed some fun new content for MOBA Heroes of the Storm at Gamescom. This includes three new heroes, the Monk hero from Diablo III, and a hero each from Starcraft and Warcraft as well as a Diablo-themed map.

The monk Kharazim was originally showcased during E3 earlier this year, and is the game’s first Diablo support character. He can be customised by choosing one of three different traits so he’s a bit more versatile when it comes to gameplay. You can select between Iron Fists for more attack damage, Transcendence to heal him through melee combat or Insight to restore mana and balance between offense and defense.

Next we have Rexxar from Warcraft. He’s generally a ranged fighter that comes with a huge bear (named Misha) who pretty much gets their maul on.


Blizzard describes him a unique ranged warrior who uses his bear companion to harass enemies and tank. Rexxar himself can then throw axes at you and even summon a pack of boars to make you even more miserable.


Last but not least is Artanis, a Protoss from StarCraft. Blizzard hasn’t said much about him apart from the fact he’s a melee character who’s a heavy hitter. He’s also the first StarCraft hero to make their way into the game so it adds some freshness to the game that’s mostly dominated by Diablo and Warcraft characters.

The announcement had a very nice surprise in the form of a new Diablo themed battleground called the Infernal Shrines. Unlike Battlefield of Eternity, this one will feature three full lanes with unique objectives revolving around three shrines at the center of the map. Players activate the shrines which in turn get attacked by monsters. When these are killed off a larger “Punisher” monster appears to push the lane.

The new content is already looking great, and there will be more announcements along the way.

via Kotaku

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