Blizzard’s taking another shot at luring Overwatch players to Heroes of the Storm, with a new Nexus Challenge event that drops a cool new Officer D.Va skin if they hop over for a few games.

The Officer D.Va skin reimagines D.Va as a Korean cop, complete with a police cruiser-themed skin for her mech. Overwatch players can also earn some new icons and sprays based on Officer D.Va if they play enough of the game.

On top of that, the event gives players another shot at getting the Oni Genji Skin, which was originally available during the first Nexus Challenge last year.

The event will run for four weeks and players will need to play at least five games per week with a buddy in either quick match, ranked or unranked modes to snag the loot, which also includes some fun stuff for the HoTs players as well.

You can check out the full rundown of goodies here.

Heroes of the Storm is free to download and play on Mac and PC.