Mecha Storm Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm may not exactly have the popularity of DOTA 2 or League of Legends when it comes to the realm of MOBA games but they do know how to make up for it with style. Their latest teaser for their news skins is a pretty good indicator for that.

The new skins are the mecha forms for Tyrael, Rehgar and Abathur and while we really dig the cool Gundamish look that Rehgar has, it’s the trailer specifically made for promoting these skins that has gotten us really worked up.

It’s pretty obvious we’re big fans of anime here at The Hyped Geek so when Blizzard decides to mix things up in their promo films using anime instead of 3D graphics like they often do, we get really, REALLY excited.

Just check out the awesome trailer below. It has everything a mecha anime fan wants. An awesome fight scene, cool mecha designs and a rocking sound track to go along with it. Makes us feel like petitioning Blizzard to do a full blast anime series around it.

The new batch of skins is called Mecha Storm and so far only Diablo’s Tyrael, Warcraft’s Rehgar and Starcraft’s Abatur are the only characters that are getting a mecha makeover. Hopefully, Blizzard will decide to make more if these skin sales are a success as we’d love to see the Overwatch characters get a mecha makeover as well.

The Mecha Storm skins are available for a limited time period only and will end on 29 January. Considering how they look, we’re pretty tempted to reinstall Heroes of the Storm and (horrors of horrors) spend some moolah purchasing the skins.