Hitachi/Fast Company

Remember the pre-cogs in Minority Report movie starring Tom Cruise or the Sibyl System in Psycho-Pass? How about The Machine from Person of Interest? What all three have in common is a system that is able to predict crime before it happens. Sounds like something out of a Sci-Fi movie right? Well looks like it will be reality soon thanks to Hitachi.

Hitachi has announced a system that is close to those dystopian visions of future law-enforcement. Called the Hitachi Visualization Predictive Crime Analytics, it works by checking and verifying massive amounts of data from streams of public transit maps, social media conversations ,weather reports (!) and more. It will then  find patterns that is impossible to be detected by human beings.

If this sound vaguely familiar, that’s because it sounds exactly like the what The Machine in the TV series Person of Interests does. And the fact that Hitachi has a Person of Interest type crime prediction system, makes our fears of increase Big Brother surveilance even more real.

A human just can’t handle when you get to the tens or hundreds of variables that could impact crime,” said Darrin Lipscomb, an executive in the company.  Hitachi executive Mark Jules justifies that the police usually goes by their personal or collective experience to look out for crimes but this system does not need human input for correlations and variable weights to begin with.

The Hitachi Visualization Predictive Crime Analytics can focus on crime scene(s) down to a 200 square meter area and will grade the threat levels accordingly to the situation. Hitachi did not specify which US cities will start the trial run of this system for obvious reasons, but it set to begin in October this year. To find out more details about this system, check out the link below.

The future is here and it is not all cheery and bright.