Slick mobile assassination spin-off Hitman Go comes to your VR devices 2 years after its initial mobile launch – specifically, the Gear VR and the Oculus Rift.

The game is Hitman stripped down to the basics. Given the aesthetic quality of a board game complete with turn-based movement and plastic pieces on round stands. Hitman Go (because you can play it on the go, see?) has since launched on PC, PS4, and is now coming to another platform – the VR headset.

The VR adaptation features 91 levels, including settings from previous games in the series Blood Money and Silent Assassin. The isometric view and turn-based action means you have to plan your missions with deftness and skill rather than gunning your way through – and with full head tracking and 90 FPS being funneled through your goggles, prepare to be transported into the shiny black shoes of everyone’s favorite bald, bar-coded agent.

Have a look at the trailer for Hitman Go’s Definitive Edition below: