Seen in Facebook
Seen in Facebook

Batman: Arkham Knight will feature Batgirl in a dedicated story expansion via DLC or developers call it Season Pass.

She will make appearance in the chapter called Batgirl: A Matter of Family according to WB Games official Facebook page. It is described as “an all new prequel story expansion in an entirely new location.”

Batman himself will acquire new mission stories which will be “featuring legendary super-villains,” and “Gotham City Stories” will open up “key allies” of the Dark Knight “in narrative missions extending their storylines,” taking place before and after the events of Arkham Knight. Not forgetting that few characters like Robin, Catwoman and Nightwing will be playable in the main campaign via “dual play” character-switching feature which means players can swap the characters at moment’s notice ala GTA V. You can check it out below:

However, many players are not too happy with the pricey DLC which WB Games promised that they will provide more information on as to why it is priced that way. “We’ve heard from our community that you want more information on what we’ll be delivering in the Season Pass,” it says on Facebook page. Perhaps the release of Batgirl is an attempt to pacify the angry fans over the pricing of DLC issue (close to US$40 RM130 plus at this moment). For six months after the release of the game, Season Pass owners will have periodic content updates. Some gamers might want to opt for Premium Edition which is priced around US$99.

Other notable features with the season pass are different Batmobiles, represented in 75 years of evolution of it plus the race tracks for the said Batmobiles. More map challenges and character skins for Batman, Robin, Nightwing and Catwoman are included in the DLC too.

The game will be launched on 23 June 2015 for PS4, Windows PC and Xbox One.

Source: Batman: Arkham Knight Facebook

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