The game industry has developed and evolved significantly over the past two decades thanks to the advance in technologies. Video games are preferred by people all over the globe as they give them the chance to run away from their busy and monotonous daily routine.

Playing video games has become a favourite pastime for people of all ages as well. You may be surprised to find out that video games are also preferred by players who are 18 or more which means that they are definitely not meant solely for children as many people believe.

Still, most of them do not even pay attention to the industry that is responsible for the games or the gaming consoles they use.

Nowadays, it has turned into a multi-billion dollar industry that generates some mind-blowing revenues. This happens not only thanks to the innovative developers but also thanks to the small tricks companies use in order to make their products more appealing. These tricks influence our subconscious and entice us into playing more and more.

You may not know this but the gaming industry uses the services of psychologists and marketing experts in order to turn people into addicts that simply cannot stop playing.

Perhaps, you know at least one person or you have heard stories about such people who spend endless hours playing video games. There are people who forget to eat, do not know whether it is day or night as they do not go out.

In fact, when you do something you relish, you simply do not notice how the time passes which is definitely taken into consideration by companies that offer video games. If you have been to a casino at least once, you maybe know how to beat the bonus wagering requirement.

There are people that keep on wagering hoping that next time they will win, thus spending all their money. As you can probably guess this happens as both the gaming and the gambling industries use certain tricks so that people could forget about their common sense.


Mobile gaming


The development of technologies which led to the emergence of mobile gaming definitely contributed greatly to the gaming industry’s expansion. Companies that offer video games use a new, contemporary approach to sell their products. These companies even hire neurosurgeons in order to make sure that their games will beguile as many people as possible.

Mobile gaming can definitely turn a person into an addict quite fast as customers can play their preferred video games wherever and whenever they wish.

Presently, casino lovers can also turn their smartphones into a small casino extremely easy. People who prefer video games and those who prefer casino games do not need to wait until the end of the working day in order to enjoy the games they like as they can access them via their smartphones within only a few seconds.

A large number of the companies have included in their gaming collections some of the most successful video game sequels. As a matter of fact, such games enjoy really overwhelming popularity among customers, thus becoming one of the best-selling video games. This, on the other hand, explains why the biggest items in the budgets of such companies are intended namely for such games.


Free-to-play games


One more thing that is worth mentioning is that in the past, customers were supposed to pay only once in order to get access to the game they have chosen. Nevertheless, companies that offer video games have decided to switch to one more profitable option that is known as free-to-play games.

As their name hints, such games are free to download and to play but only to some extent. In fact, in these games, real money is replaced by virtual credits that are given every day.

The catch is that some customers are not patient enough to wait for the credits to reload again. That is why they purchase extra credits in order to continue playing. As you can probably guess, they need to pay real money in order to buy them. What is more, there are also video games that require you to buy in-game content in order to progress in the game.

By in-game content, we mean virtual goods or some trophies that will help you while playing. As a matter of fact, such games turn customers into addicts at an extremely fast pace and they continue buying such content, thus spending lots of money on a game that is free to play.


Fake currencies


One more technique video games have borrowed from casinos is the use of fake currencies. Most of the games offer chips or gems that create the illusion that you are not spending real money. Thus, in the end, customers do not know how much exactly they have spent. In fact, according to several studies people are prone to spend much money when they use their debit cards as they create the same illusion.

There are also video games that feature shops as well as in-game ATMs that aim at making customers spend more. You may probably know that casinos also offer ATMs in order to keep gamblers within their premises. Thus, they will not leave the casino even when they have spent the money they initially intended to spend.