Amazon is known for the provision of Cloud computing platforms to companies or individuals through paid or free subscriptions. The popularity of their services prompted them to develop certification programs. AWS train individuals on how to operate AWS software for companies that use them.

Aws Certified Developer – Associate is one of the many certifications from Amazon. This certification confirms your expertise in the development and maintenance of AWS application. The new version of the certification exam was released in June 2018 with the aim of keeping up with the current technology trends. Some of the reasons that should drive you to be AWS certified include:

  • You can be identified by the companies that use AWS Cloud platforms
  • By taking the new exam, you are confident that your skills are relevant to the current market
  • The certification enhances your credibility and opens many doors for career growth

To learn more about exam options for Aws Certified Developer – Associate certification, visit the official site of AWS (Amazon Web Services).

Best Tips to Be a Top AWS Professional

1. Earn your certification

This is the first tip towards becoming a top professional. Attend training and learn all the skills required to successfully pass AWS Certified Developer – Associate exam. Ensure that you concentrate on your studies so that you pass the required exams, do a lot of practice and learn every concept pertaining to AWS Developer certification. Once you are certified, you can confidently apply for a desired job without the risk of rejection. Besides, being certified means that you have the required skills to do the job.

2. Learn from the experts

Learning is a process and it doesn’t end with certification alone. Continuous learning is beneficial because your skills advance every time you learn something new. Working closely with an expert means that you can discover essential information about the nature of work and how to solve unique problems. Be open to corrections whenever you are on the wrong track and learn from your mistakes. Experts will guide you towards the right path.

3. Update your skills

Technology is dynamic and old software always becomes obsolete. Your skills also suffer the same fate if you don’t do something about it. As technology advances, new problems arise leading to a high demand for qualified specialists. Consequently, it is a wise step to ensure that you keep your skills relevant to the industry. You can achieve this by attending regular seminars and training while at work. Also, make an effort to learn new skills in your field of work.

4. Set goals

Every individual intending to be successful should have goals. If you want to be a top professional, have a plan of what you wish to achieve over a specific time. Be sure to set realistic and achievable goals, or you may end up with frustrations. Always monitor your progress and strategize on how to achieve the set goals. Working hard to achieve your goals aids you to grow your career.

5. Be a problem solver

Rather than creating problems, be part of the solutions. Those companies using AWS software require skilled professionals to work for them. You will be of more use to the market if you can provide reliable solutions. Employers are likely to recommend you to their colleagues if you perform your work meticulously. Instead of complaining about their shortcomings, work towards providing a lasting solution for the problem.

6. Communicate effectively

Communication is a tool that can be manipulated to either elevate you or demote you. Throughout your career, you will be working alongside other professionals. It is common for disagreements to occur between colleagues, but, what matters is how you respond to them. How you market yourself is also important. Learn to communicate effectively and you will become a top PrepAway Amazon AWS Certification Questions. Courtesy first!

7. Prove yourself to be competent

Your resume says you are a certified AWS professional but whoever is hiring cannot tell whether you can perform the work or not. It is time to demonstrate the skills you have learned to support what your resume says. Show them that they can rely on you in whatever situation. The trick here is to show your capabilities without bragging or wasting their time. Your reputation will be unshakable if you can convince your employers that you deserve their trust.

8. Respect others

Whether you are an employer or a mere employee, respect is paramount. Remember you will have to interact with different kinds of people during your work. So, cooperate with your teammates and avoid arguments if possible. Learn to respect your colleagues even when they don’t deserve it. A respectful person will always attract the attention of the best employers available. Besides, AWS training includes providing you with ethics to employ in your profession.

9. Take initiative

If you want to be recognized, then work for it. Explore all your capabilities and perform duties with visible results. Come up with new approaches to some particular problems. Don’t be too comfortable with your current position. Take the risk and try something new. Do not rely on others to make you great.

10. Accept and help others

It is not a crime to help someone in need. You may be wondering how helping others will make you a top professional. It is proven that explaining a concept to someone else helps you understand it better. This way, you will be able to work efficiently because ideas become clearer to you. In addition, those helped will always speak good of you, thus building your reputation in the IT industry.

11. Believe in yourself

It is important to realize the worth of anything you do. If someone trusted you with a job, it means you have the ability to excel. Fear and lack of confidence could be holding you back. It is time to believe in yourself and shine. Do not allow anyone to demean you and prevent you from being the best.


Having a certification may not necessarily make you a top professional if you don’t work for it. You must be willing to endure all the challenges that come with advancing in your career. Without the basic skills, it is difficult to get any IT job, much less be the best. Following the tips given here will guarantee you the best results.