It often happens that you need to upload a video onto your iPhone. It can be music clips, short cartoons or movies. The main problem that occurs here is the size of the film. Sooner or later large films can occupy all the space on your iPhone. In these cases, therefore, it is necessary to find a solution that can be used immediately. Let’s see how you can add more movies to your smartphone and keep some free space at the same time.

Programs to compress video file size

There are many programs, even completely free, which offer the option to convert and compress video files remarkably fast. In most cases, these tools can be used on both Windows and Mac OS X and allow you to create movies perfectly optimized for various mobile devices and video game consoles.

One of the main concerns of all those users who have to resize a video is how to prevent quality loss. How to keep the original video quality and make the movie size smaller at the same time? Try to think about it for a moment. How many times, for work purposes, you had to have a specific video file available on your iPhone with a certain minimum quality?

Freemake Video Converter

One of the best solutions, when you need to reduce file size, can be found in Freemake Video Converter. Without a doubt, this free video compressor is one of the most useful software to perform this function. After downloading the Freemake software on your computer with Windows, simply install and run it as you do with other tools. One of the pros of Freemake Video Converter is that you can resize videos in different formats, such as AVI, MP4, MOV, WMV, MKV and so on. To add the video in the software, you may use the drag-n-drop option or click the “+Video” button at the top of the tool.

If necessary, you can edit the video before adding it to Freemake or use a built-in editor in Freemake Video Converter to modify your file on the fly.

The next step will be to choose the format to save your video file after resizing it. Clearly, this is an assessment that needs to be done with one’s ultimate goal in mind. Some suggestions that can always be useful: if you want to watch the movie on a mobile device (an iPhone or any Android smartphone), then it is important to choose the format for the resized video carefully. You may either go for MP4 or click the corresponding device button (Apple, Android) and select ready settings for your gadget model. In case, you are also going to send it via email or upload to various social media channels or to a website, the best suggestion to follow is again to select the MP4 format. If, on the other hand, you want to enjoy and watch the video directly on the television at home, then the AVI format is the correct choice.

Choosing the size of the video

As soon as you click on the format button, there will appear a new window with settings. So, in the new window, you’ll have to choose another essential element: the quality of the video you’re compressing. In case you have to make the conversion to have the movie on a smartphone or a tablet, you can click on the dropdown menu and simply choose the option for your model of mobile device. Furthermore, you can also modify many other parameters before running the conversion process. For example, you can create a custom profile with the necessary video and audio codecs, change the default bitrate and framerate settings. Of course, all this must be done with the knowledge of the subject; otherwise, it is better to use the “Same as source” option.

Then click the weight button and set the desired size for the video. Please don’t go beyond the minimum size suggested by the software. Also keep in mind that if you add a huge video, you can’t expect it to be resized to 100Mb. The software won’t do it to prevent quality loss.

Once you have finished making all of these changes, you can finally focus on the last part of the conversion operation. The next step will be to choose a folder in which the converted video will be saved. It is good to underline a small but fundamental aspect: the original files will not be deleted or replaced in any way. This software allows you to create new ad hoc movies, following all the various settings that were chosen during conversion. You can set a folder on your hard drive, as well as a USB stick. Besides, the tool can save your video in your cloud account.

At this point, just click on the “Convert” button to run the conversion and resize your video!