Pokemon GO test THG

So with the launch of Pokemon GO, there’s one thing that many gamers (like us) are forced to do that we haven’t done in a while. EXERCISE! Yep, because the game is GPS-reliant, to “Catch em All”, you’re required to move around and discover where all these Pokemon are. The good thing is, well, it finally gets us off our butts. The bad thing? We actually have to get off our butts.

Well har har, we’ve found a way to enjoy playing the game, WITHOUT having to go out and exercise, and we’re going to share it with you. The bonus of this revelation of ours is that for many of your potential trainers outside the existing launch countries, here’s your chance to play the game and level up, way before it officially launches where you are.

Before proceeding, we recommend a few things. For those of you who haven’t downloaded the APK of the game, you can get it here. Use a test account first, and also if you have a spare (and Pokemon Go compatible) device lying around, use that so you won’t have to go through the troublesome task or disabling and re-enabling your GPS hardware.

So how do we do it? Read on to find out.

*Disclaimer. This method will very likely void your device’s warranty. Also, there is the danger you MIGHT brick your device and should Niantic Labs find out, they might also ban your account. Neither The Hyped Geek or the author is responsible should these happen to you. If you are uncomfortable making such changes to your device, DON’T DO IT. So proceed at your own risk.