If you are one of those people who are absolutely nuts about all the geeky stuff, then dive right into this post – here is the place for you!

Today we are going to tell you all about a thing called an ARC Welder. It is essentially an emulator that gives you the ability to download any application suitable for Android on a desktop device – a Personal Computer, a MacBook, a computer that is operated by Linux, – anything!

It was only recently that Google released a software that anyone could download for free, and we thought it would be just right to instruct you on how it works and how you can run all the Android apps with the help of it. Downloading APK files has never been easier! The only two things you will need would be to download Google Chrome and a program called ARC Welder.

The only thing you have to keep in mind is that it still runs on Beta. That does not make it that accessible though – it is still not quite stable to be able to run ALL the apps. Also, please make sure that you keep in mind that you can only install one app at a time. What does that mean? – you might ask. Well, this means that every time you try to run an app with ARC Welder, the last app you have downloaded will be automatically deleted.

Intrigued now, are you? Well, if so, then here’s how to download ARC Welder Chrome extension! Let’s get started!

Let’s see how that can be done through this step-by-step.

Step 1. Download the file through the link we have given you and then install the emulator via Google Chrome. The downloading process might take some time, so do wait for it to finish.

Step 2. Open the program on your device of choice.

Step 3. Pick a location on the device you have chosen and assign that as a directory that will store all your files that help ARC Welder work properly.

Step 4. Locate and then hit the “Add your Apk” button. Doing so will assign the Android files to the Chrome browser.

Step 5. Play the settings up and then select the orientation you prefer, as well as the form factor (either a phone or a tablet).

Step 6. Locate and then press the ‘Launch APK file’ button.

Step 7. If you are asked for some personal data (like an e-mail or a password), then enter that in the responding section. That’s it! You are now done with the whole procedure!  

ARC Welder is great because it provides you with such an incredible downloading speed and some of the most fantastic features to play with.

There is, however, no substantial guarantees that the Android apps you want to download and use with ARC Welder will work swiftly on the device you have chosen. This emulator is still a work in progress and you have to keep that in mind. There might be some bugs that need fixing, but all in all, it’s a great place to start. Google is working so hard to make sure you get the best product ever, so please do not think that it’s all rubbish and is never going to evolve. Let’s see where it will end up, shall we?