HTC Dot View

HTC Dot View

With debut of the outstanding HTC One M8 flagship smartphone, HTC introduced the crazy cool retro-looking Dot View Case. The case displays time, weather and notifications without having to reveal the M8’s display.

With a software update pushed to the Google Play Store, the Dot View Case has been given even more intelligent features and functionality.

On top of checking time, weather and receiving notifications of texts, emails and calls, the update brings wallpaper customisation, flexible settings and added features that make it easier to browse notifications without revealing your M8 screen.

There are 18 default themes to choose from and you can also create you own Dot View wallpaper by selecting a photo from your gallery or snap it via the HTC Duo Camera.

The ‘redial’ function can be activated with a single upwards swipe with access to the three most recent calls. Left/right swipes brings you through your emails, texts, voicemail and call notifications. Very neat.

The HTC Dot View Case retails at RM159 (SRP). The HTC One M8 is priced at RM2,399 (SRP).