HTC recently announced the global availability of their VR appstore called Viveport, which won’t just be a hub for VR games but a place where you could play, watch, shop and learn in VR.

Some of the categories that Viveport will be focusing on will be art, social, sports, health, shopping, news and education, just to name a few. They’re really planning on covering their bases too; as they invite developers and creators to hop onto the platform to well, develop VR apps to use with the HTC Vive.

Games will still appear on Steam though, but with Viveport acting as THE place to get your VR content.

The Viveport store will be available to not just those with the Vive headsets, but also on web browser as well as a PC and mobile app. They’re also hoping to one day make available a VR package for school so teachers and students alike can get on VR for a truly memorable learning experience.

htc vive V2

“We believe equal access to virtual reality experiences will make the world a better place; enhancing our daily lives and the way we connect with everything. An important goal for the Viveport team is to enable developers to reach a global audience and grow their business,” said Rikard Steiber, Senior Vice President of Viveport. 

For any creators who might be interested in joining the Viveport community, you can register here.