HTC one W8
The HTC One W8, bringing sexy back to Windows Phone (Image from Neowin)
The HTC One W8, bringing sexy back to Windows Phone (Image from Neowin)
The HTC One W8, bringing sexy back to Windows Phone (Image from Neowin)

We’re only days away from the New York unveil of HTC’s new Windows Phone and looks like its going to be wrapped in a pretty familiar package.

Yep, HTC’s next Windows Phone, what is now known as the HTC One W8 is sporting some familiar and sexy lines like its Android sibling the HTC One M8. You’d be forgive if you were to mistake it for the HTC One M8 at first glance and we don’t blame you. Based on this high-res image leak, we can see that the One W8 is following HTC’s One M8’s design to a T. Not that we’re complaining cause if this is really what it looks like, then the HTC One W8 would be the most premium looking Windows Phone to hit the market (sorry guys we just can’t bring ourselves to call the colourful Nokias “premium”).

Premium looks however ought to have some premium innards as well and the HTC One W8 purportedly has them as well. It’ll supposedly come with a 2.3 GHz quad-core, Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, 2GB of RAM, a 5-inch Full HD screen with Gorilla glass, HTC’s Ultrapixel camera with a 5-megapixel font facing camera, 32GB of storage and even support for HTC’s Dot View case. Those are definitely some specs to look forward for. Of course it’ll be running the Windows Phone 8.1 OS as well.

Considering how small the Windows Phone space is, HTC’s sexy new entrant would definitely bring some life into it. Honestly we’re kind of tired of the whole vomit-the-rainbow cheery colours scheme from the platform. Give us sexy metal and we’ll come running.

There’s some bad news though. It seems that this release might be a Verizon only release, which means we here in Malaysia might not even see the HTC One W8 hit our shores. Hopefully this is only an initial release exclusive because seriously, its about time someone brought sexy back into Windows Phone.

Source: Neowin, Slashgear