Marvelous has revealed some new screenshots and characters for their upcoming Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons: Precious Friends from Three Villages that’s heading to the Nintendo 3DS.

As the name implies, the game will be set with three locales, Lulucoco Town, Tsuyukusa Village and Wes Town, each with their own local flavour and characters.

We demand coconuts

For starters Lulucoco Town is a tropical-themed area on an island, complete with beaches, tropical fruits, sea-related produce and a mysterious ruin.


Tsuyukusa Village on the other hand is  based on Japanese villages with agricultural land and the related architecture.


Last but not least is Wes Town, with a western theme (lol) and was a former mining town with wooden buildings and similarly dressed folk.

Of the features in the game, you can also build facilities on your farm which enhances crop growth and efficiency depending on your arrangement. Like most of the previous titles, you can also raise pets, fish, take part in local festivals and do part-time jobs.

You apparently can also create a custom character (male or female) and as usual, find a love interest with an NPC and eventually have children. So far they’ve revealed Lichette and Wayne as potential suitors for your character.

Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons: Precious Friends from Three Villages will be released Summer this year for 4,980 yen (about RM 183).