The announcement is made via id Software, co-founder John Romero’s YouTube account through a two minute long video with the title, The Return.The video which paid tribute to the concluding scene of Star Wars: the Force Awakens, with id Software co-founder, Adrian Carmack in the role of Rey, as he traverses across a sweeping hilly landscape to hand, Romero a keyboard and mouse in lieu of a lightsaber.

At the end of the video is a notice for a more formal announcement on April 25. It also leads to Night Work Games website, that divulge more information on the return of the duo responsible for the hit game Doom and Quake. It reveals that “a new first-person shooter is being built” at the studio, located in Galway, Ireland.

The only hint of the content of the future FPS, is that Night Work Games “is the dark and violent subsidiary of Romero Games Ltd.

A new FPS would mark the end of a 16 year absence for the legendary video game developer, Romero since the release of Daikatana in 2000. However, he did revisit the original Doom by releasing a new level for the game in January.

John Romero left id Software 1996, while Adrian Carmack exited in 2005, this new FPS would be their first collaboration since Doom II.