Fallout 4 sneakers

The folks over at Bethesda have released some new Fallout merch; and this time its a pair of sneakers designed after Fallout 4‘s Vault 111 and Vault dweller suit.

These sneaks are made entirely out of blue suede, and has the Vault-Tec logo emblazoned at the back. On the sides you will find the numbers from your home vault in Fallout 4 too, so these might be the next best thing to a suit if you ever wanted one. However, due to the nature of suede (and the fact that the sneaks are bright blue) they warn that it might bleed blue if it gets wet.

fallout 4 sneakers

The shoes will set you back a pretty $85 (about RM 360 before shipping) but you can buy it here if you happen to have the caps to burn. Perhaps now that Bethesda has produced some footware, they’ll be making other articles of wasteland inspired clothing? Not to mention they’ve got a Vault-Tech varsity hoodie in the works, so it doesn’t look like the Fallout hype train is stopping anytime soon.