Remember how a couple of articles ago I mentioned that China wouldn’t win The International 7? Yeah, I’m about to eat sh*t very soon. China is DOMINATING. 

Five Chinese teams qualified for the main event — four in the upper bracket, one in the lower bracket. Only one of these teams have been eliminated. Heck, teams representing the rest of the world is slowly getting destroyed one by one, that we already have a China vs China match. Invictus Gaming played Newbee in a match that went down the wire. In the end, Newbee prevailed beating IG, 2-1. However, since this was an upper bracket match, IG did not get eliminated, instead, drops to the lower bracket where they will face off against the winner of Liquid Vs Empire.

TNC Pro Team from the Philippines was the last South East Asian team remaining in The International 7. However, they’ve now been eliminated after losing to Europe’s OG in the second round of the lower bracket.

Here’s how the brackets look now.

Will Europe be able to stop the Great Wall of China? Stay tuned for more updates.