The Xbox One side
The Xbox One side

Hardcore gamers who can’t make up their minds on which console machine they like the most might want to check out this – the Playbox. This modded contraption actually marries two competing consoles – the PS4 and Xbox One into a single machine with a 22-inch screen; a beautiful monstrosity that looks like a giant, thick laptop at first glance.

The Sony PS4 side
The Sony PS4 side

Users still have to choose which console to play at the bootup since the both consoles are powered by same power cord. That means that both aren’t accessible at once in real time but it also makes heat management easier.

The Wi-Fi is functioning for both consoles and there’s a  HDMI cable port available. Switching the consoles is easy as flipping the red switch according to its creator. He incorporated a Smart HDMI switcher so users don’t have worry about the right input, just plug in and play straight away. However, it does come with a cost as the USB ports of Xbox One is not available in the Playbox.

Sadly, this is just a prototype and not for commercial sale. However, the creator does say if anyone is serious enough to acquire this, he/she is welcome to contact him for further details.

Image credit: Ed’s Junk

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