If you’re not familiar with Discord, it’s a free voice and chat app used by quite a lot of gamers, with the abilities of WhatsApp and Skype combined minus all the Skype errors. Sadly the latest iOS 11 update has caused their mobile companion app quite a bit of problems.

The new update has basically destabilized the app, causing immediate crashing when you try to share images or when trying to get around the app itself. The biggest problem is the loss of a speaker option for the iPhone.

The iOS 11 update has also borked its fair share of apps, like Facebook, and caused certain games to no longer be playable due to having ended 32-bit support. Devs are working to fix things but for now, you’re going to have to hang tight for a bit.

But you can check and see which games are playable or arent, just head on over to Open Settings > General Tab > About Section > Applications. If there’s nothing in there, that means everything is fine.

Hopefully, the issue gets resolved soon!