Bleach ends

Yes, the end for Tite Kubo’s Manga has come earlier than expected. According to the 35th issue of Shounen Jump, the climax for Bleach will be in the next two chapters. And while you may think there’s still two more weeks of the manga to go, the next issue of Shonen Jump is actually a combined issue, which means the long-running manga, it seems, will finally end.

This may come as a surprise for some as not too long ago, it was announced that Bleach would be ending its run in it’s 74th volume. Based on calculations, this would have meant the manga would have ended around mid-September, but with this week’s announcement in Shonen Jump, it seems it’s been scheduled a month ahead. The manga is currently mid-way through

The manga is currently mid-way through its final arc so if the next combined chapter will be its finale, it might make for a pretty anti-climatic one. To be fair, though, it doesn’t specifically state that it will be the final chapter but the words used does hint that it will be.

According to anime site, the cancellation of the long-running manga so soon isn’t so far fetched as the sales for its manga volumes have been poor for years and it would have been the impetus for Shonen Jump to cut the series earlier.

If it does go, Bleach isn’t the only manga getting the boot as Nisekoi will also be joining it. And with the manga Mononofu ending its run at chapter 34, all three manga are being replaced with three new ones including The Promised NeverlandLove Rush! and Red Sprite.