Not too long ago, Atari teased their “new Atari console” but let out scant details. Now they’ve released a series of renders of the upcoming console and it looks….interesting.

The new console is called the Ataribox. While it doesn’t look like it’ll let you plug in your old Atari cartridges, it is home to four USB ports, an SD card slot, a network port as well as an HDMI port. But the biggest mystery is…what exactly is it supposed to do?

It supposedly is able to play “classic gaming content” but it also apparently is home to more modern innards so as to be able to handle gaming by today’s standards. This hints at some sort of NES Classic-esque gameplay capabilities (if you are old enough to remember playing anything on an Atari) but still handle current gen content. So…maybe it behaves like an Ouya then?

It does look pretty cool though, in a space-agey router sort of way. But it does sport ribbed black plastic, which harkens back to the designs of Atari consoles of yore, with a version with black glass and another with a wooden front.

Hopefully, this shroud of mystery on the Ataribox gets lifted soon because frankly, I’m dying to know myself!