A post on the official Power Ranger’s Facebook page might have just unveiled the new reboot movie‘s Megazord. The page posted an image of what it says is the new Power Rangers movie’s Megazord figurine.

While over the last couple of months official release of the rebooted Power Rangers costumes and individual Zords have already been unveiled, we have yet to see the fully combined Megazord… Until now that is.
Based on that single image of the figurine, it suffices to say we won’t be seeing the original, blocky Megazord of old. Instead, it looks like the Megazord is a lot sleeker and has a rather organic yet alien feel to it. We’re still unsure what to think about this iteration of the original Power Rangers Megazord.

The figurine itself doesn’t look like it’s made up of different zords combined and we figure it might be just a single, whole figurine with no detachable parts (except maybe the weapons of course). What we do know though is that it has expandable wings, battle sounds, dynamic LED effects and all the five Rangers in 2-inch figurine forms.

There will, of course, be other toys to toe-in with the movie, and this is just one of them. Whether a combiner version of the Megazord is going to be released has also yet to be confirmed, but we do know there are definitely individual figures of the Dinozords themselves. Considering how organic looking the movie Megazord looks, we’re really trying to figure just how a combiner version of the Megazord is going to look like, or if it’s even possible to make.

The new Power Rangers movie is slated for a March 24, 2017, release, so we are likely to find out closer to the date of release