We’re certainly no stranger to Jabra’s Elite range of earbuds, what with their extensive collection of audio devices for every lifestyle and every function. We recently got to give one of the latest members of their Elite lineup a go, more after the jump.


When it comes to comfort, Jabra has it down pat. The Jabra Elite 65T comes with their signature EarGel earbuds in three sizes, and as usual, we find these very comfortable right off the bat. They also have a decent amount of passive noise isolation thanks to the seal which makes them even better especially with long wear.

Speaking of long-wear, the Elite 65T does lend itself to long hours of wear quite well and the earbuds literally don’t budge even when active. It even registers as a single device too, as opposed to being a set of two earbuds, which is rather convenient. All device controls are present on the earbuds themselves or can be adjusted via the Jabra Sound+ app.

Sound Quality and battery

Of all the devices I’ve tried with a pass-thru mode, the Elite 65T takes the cake in terms of clarity. It had the clearest, most true-to-sound audio I’ve experienced thus far with their Hearthrough mode, which is great if you don’t want to keep taking them off just to cross the street. As for music, sound quality is quite decent, and so is the battery life. However, if you’re looking for mad beats, the Elite 65T might not quite be for you as you’re better off getting

Hooked up to my phone, it lasted a good 4-ish hours alternating between playing music and listening to videos as I went about my day. You also get a nifty carrying case which is capable of juicing the Elite 65T for a whopping 15 hours total use time, so if you are a light user like me, you can literally go days between having to charge the dock.

I did find that I would sometimes get “hiccups” in connection while I walked but these were fairly far inbetween and tended to happen when Hearthrough mode was activated. Besides this, there was zero interruption of any kind with my streaming which was amazing.


Everything in, we feel that the Jabra Elite 65T is a really good set of earbuds for the person on the go, or for anyone who just wants hassle-free Bluetooth earbuds. I personally feel that if you’re one for smaller form factors, the Elite 65T makes for a pretty good alternative to Apple’s Airpods, especially with the charging case giving extra battery life.

At the price point of RM785, it does feel fairly steep but you’re still getting solid performance and comfort, with pretty nice audio to boot. What’s not to like?

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