Will it go 3 times faster?
Will it go 3 times faster?

Most of us here are mecha fans. And our dreams to see two giant piloted mechas socking each other out might come true sooner than we think.

The pride of USA - Megabots Mk II
The pride of USA – Megabots Mk II

Megabots Inc. recently threw down a challenge to Japanese Suidobashi, makers of Kuratas for a duel. The US flag cape wearing MegaBots guys said this, “Suidobashi. You have a giant robot, we have a giant robot. You know what needs to happen.”

The challenge might be a PR stunt for MegaBots who tried to raise money via KickStarter to create “sport of the future” or simply an excuse to have giant robot fighting tournament like we seen in movies like Robot Jox or Real Steel. However the campaign is not successful as it only received US$65,000 pledge which is not enough to meet their goal of US$1.8 million.

The MegaBots Mk II is a 5 plus meters tall, 5400 kg in weight and armed with multiple weapons system whereas the Japanese Kuratas is 4 plus meters in height and 4000 kg heavy armed with twin gatling guns activated with a “smile”.

The Japanese counterpart agreed for a duel, “Yeah, I’ll fight. Absolutely.” Kurata, who designed and built the Kuratas mecha: “We can’t let another country win this. Giant robots are Japanese culture.

He even upped the ante by suggesting a melee combat instead of paintball orgy while talking smack about the MegaBots, “My reaction? Come on guys, make it cooler. Just building something huge and sticking guns on it. It’s … Super American.”

Now we do not know when the clash of titans will happen but the Americans gave a vague one year dateline. We shall end it here with this:

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