Remember that robot duel that was winding up between U.S ‘s MegaBots Inc vs Japan’s Suidobashi Heavy Industry? that battle is almost upon us!

The brawl is due to drop on 17 October, where it will be streamed on streamed on Twitch for all to see.

Despite being streamed on Twitch, it won’t be a live event. The duel will consist of multiple rounds of fighting and in order to give teams time to fix their machines, the rounds will be spread out over a few days, hence why it won’t be a live event.

The duel also will be watched by no one except two sets of engineers, in an abandoned steel mill in Japan. Mike Goldberg of the MMA and robotics expert Saura Naderi will be commentating the event. Each “round” will be fought out based on a knockout system, with no point scoring.

Knock over or disable your opponent (or they surrender) you win. The weapons allowed to each team, however, are chosen to not cut through metal but to damage it so we’re not expecting flamethrowers but there will be chainsaws.

As big as the bots are, they’re not nearly as big as the ones you’d see on Pacific Rim; as MegaBot’s Eagle Prime and Suidobashi’s Kuratas are 16 and 13 feet tall respectively, and have limited mobility.

 Who do you think will win the big fight? let us know in the comments!