LEGO MacBook comparison with real thing
So which one is the actual MacBook

There’s almost nothing that can’t be replicated using LEGO. Give a great and creative LEGO enthusiast enough bricks, and you’ll see wondrous creations coming out. In this case, a University of Tokyo (Todai) student has managed to make an almost perfect replica of Apple’s MacBook using ONLY LEGO bricks.

The student is part of the University’s LEGO club that has dedicated itself to churning out various LEGO creations that vary from the mundane (bento boxes, food) to the intricate (battleships, mascots etc.). So it’s no surprise that this time, one of their member had decided to take on the famous fruit brand’s portable PC.

LEGO Macbook split

And what a build it is. From what we’ve seen in the pictures, it is almost indistinguishable from the actual MacBook. Of course, there’s no way that LEGO bricks are going to get that metallic sheen of a MacBook but aside from that, from the scale to detail, it looks like the real deal.

The time it took to build this MacBook recreation would have been quite long. However, the student who built it, who goes by the handle @877dance on Twitter, did not say just how long it took him to build the MacBook replica.

Now all he has to do to build some accompanying accessories to the MacBook replica like maybe a mouse and maybe even an iPhone 7 plus to complete the whole Apple theme.