Jeff Smith is returning to Boneville with the announcement of Bone: Coda and it’s set to arrive this July.His return is long overdue as it has been over a decade since the last publication of his beloved comic series, Bone. Its release would also mark the 25th anniversary of the award-winning series.

Smith has revealed that the upcoming Bone: Coda will see the Bone cousins make their journey back to Boneville, along with the baby rat creature, Bartleby.

If the Bone cousins reach their destination, it will mark the first appearance of their elusive hometown, which was only referenced throughout its original run. Rest assured, whether we see Boneville or not it will be a great adventure nonetheless.

In Bone‘s 13-year run, it has managed to garner many accolades with over 10 Eisner Awards wins under its belt, including best writer/artist and best humour publication. The series has also won various Harvey awards and regularly feature in the best comic book list.

This classic comic series centres on the eponymous Bone cousins; Fone, the kind-hearted and gullible hero, Phoney, a cynical con artist and Smiley the happy-go-lucky goofball, on their exile from Boneville. The three find themselves running out of town after Phoney’s campaign for mayor turns sour and end up in the Valley, a medieval place complete with dragon and evil creatures.

The fantasy/comedy series follows their heroic adventures of magic and mystery in the Valley. Interested? You could check out the first issue of bone here.

As for those who are eager for Bone: Coda, it’s going to be a long wait till its release in July.