Going for swing!
Going for swing!
Going for swing!

The reveal trailer of Just Cause 3 by Square Enix looks stunning and really brings out the beauty of its open world environment. It also shows off new gear upgrades and more destructible surroundings plus glorious explosions ala Micheal Bay.

The hero, Rico Rodriguez will be using three main tools to get around the Mediterranean island of Medici – his old trusty parachute, grappling hook and wingsuit that allows him to zoom around the world in high speed. The grappling hook got an upgrade, now it allows him to tether as many as five things together, people too. Rico can also use the grappling hook to hang upside down from vehicles or objects too.

Fuel depots, buildings, radio towers and bridges are fair game for destruction plus the mother nature is not spared either, with trees and flowers open to flambe. Players can go crazy with Rico’s method of travel like walk on top of monorail or any vehicles with his expanded “stunting” skill.

The game is slated for PS4, Windows PC and Xbox One with release date around holiday season end of this year.

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