Batman and Justice League Manga

Ever wondered what your favourite DC superheroes would look like if they were ever drawn by Japanese manga artists? Well you’ll know now as the Justice League will be getting its very own manga series in Japan.

The new Justice League series will be drawn by an actual Japanese mangaka, Shiori Teshigori to be exact, who is known for her work on Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas. 

The series will be published in publisher Akita Shoten’s monthly Champion Red and will feature stories related to the DC extended universe (DCEU) movies. It’ll first start off with Batman and the Justice League in August followed by Justice League Origin: Wonder Woman.

The former will feature the members of the DCEU Justice League heading to Gotham City to protect the world from the Joker and an alliance of super-villains while the latter will be the origin story of Wonder Woman, which will tie-in with the launch of the movie in Japan on August 25.

Batman and Justice League Manga cover
The two cover arts for the Batman and the Justice League manga

It isn’t the first time that western superheroes have been mangafied/anima-ed as back in the mid-2000s, Marvel attempted to do just that with their Mangaverse series. That series went on to have very mixed reactions to most of the art and stories were still done by US-based artists and creators rather than actual mangakas from Japan.

DC itself has worked with prominent manga artist before, like Kia Asamiya (Silent Mobius, Marian Successor Nadeiscofor the Batman: Child of Dreams comic, and Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira) for a short story in Batman: Black and White.

It’ll be interesting to see just how this particular Japanese take on the Justice League will go down with Japanese audiences.