Kaio: King of Pirates
Kaio: King of Pirates

Keiji Inafune and his studio had been working on Kaio: King of Pirates since the announcement back in 2012 and last news that we all knew that it is delayed to 2014 release as a 3DS title. Now the publisher, Marvelous said it is dead for sure, with announcement of the cancellation in their latest press release.

The cancelled game supposed to be based on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms but using animal characters instead of historical figures. Inafune who is famous for Megaman franchise, plans to make it a trilogy and stressed that he could present the classical story to be more appealing to the Western gamers just like how Dragonball is based on Journey to the West.

In the press release, this game is meant to be a mainstay IP for the publisher but few reasons cited as to why they reached the decision to terminate the development. Among them is the sudden, unpredictable changes in the marketplace and complications arose during their plan to produce it in a mixed media setup.

The publisher lost a whopping sum of US$3.8 million (461 million yen).

Via Polygon

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