Evangelion boxers

Enthusiasts of any fandom would own at least one article of clothing from their favourite anime, game or movie; fans of Neon Genesis Evangelion can take it once step further with these boxers from Radio Eva. We will try to keep this brief.

The apparel is done in collaboration with underwear makers Betones, and the boxers will bear imagery of Eva Unit-01 and Unit-02. The artwork is produced by London-based artist Akiko Ban, and artfully blended in with the camouflage print in the front.

The boxers themselves are made with that sweat-absorbent, fast-drying material that we often see on sports wear and measure in at about 74 x 86 cm.

They will retail for 3,024 yen (about RM 104) and can be purchased at the Evangelion Store. The store is also offering apparel with Eva Units 01 and 02 as interpreted in “American Comic” style, performing their “Unison Attack”. The shirt and hoodie comes up to 4,104 and 7,344 yen each respectively (that’s about RM 142 and RM 255) and can also be ordered from the Eva Store.

You can check out the designs for the shirt and hoodie apparel below: