KFC seems to be doing a lot of sh*t these days. Unfortunately, none of their efforts seemed to be revolving around perfecting their FRIED CHICKEN which has been on a downward decline for the past couple of years. #Texaschickenforthewin

In 2014, they introduced an oversized drumstick iPhone cover in Japan and then a bucket-printer hybrid in 2015. This morning, The Verge reported that KFC (India) has just introduced another worthless invention that doesn’t revolve around their FOOD: Gamer’s Box 2.0. Two questions come to mind. One, was there even a Gamer’s Box 1.0? Two, who cares?

This Gamer’s Box thingy is pretty much a to-go chicken box that can also be used as a Bluetooth game controller. And, KFC even partnered up with Mountain Dew, which means in addition to getting a chicken sandwich, consumers will also be treated to Mountain Dew which — hear me out — will be mounted on top of the box. HOLY SH*T!!


Great stuff KFC. Now can you focus on reinventing your menu instead? Removing the buns from your burger isn’t exactly an innovation. But if that’s too much to ask, then just provide BIGGER chicken pieces.