SNK Playmore has released a new trailer for the upcoming King of Fighters 14, which confirms four new characters joining the roster. One of which, is a dinosaur.

Terry Bogard will be making a comeback, as well as Maxima and Clark Still. Other confirmed characters are Robert, K’, Kula, Chang, King, Ralf, Leona, Angel, Billy, Benimaru and Andy.

The King of Dinosaurs is a new character however, being described as being an “evil and mysterious ‘heel” lucha libre wrestler who uses a Tyrannosaurus Rex disguise.

His identity is apparently a secret (for now) but can you be both the King of Fighters and the King of Dinosaurs at the same time?

There will be more characters revealed in time, as SNK Playmore promises that there will be 50 playable characters in King of Fighters 14, which is set to hit the market sometime this year.