The internet is still abuzz with Kojima Productions opening earlier this week, and he’s just confirmed that he indeed is interested with working with Guillermo del Toro again.

While del Toro has said in the past that he feels cursed in the medium of producing games, Kojima says its pretty much a non-issue now with his new studio. As such, he’s really hoping he will get to work with the Mexican director again, be it on a game or something else, as he’s told IGN in an interview recently.

“Mr. Del Toro is a very talented person and a very good friend of mine. Every now and then we talk about working together in the future, but I cannot make that guarantee here. But, I definitely want to work with him in the future. I have no idea what I’ll be working on with him, if it’ll be a game, a movie, anime, but someday I definitely want to create something with him..”

Previously, the duo had worked on Silent Hills and PT, and both had only good things to say about each other on that whole trip. Now that Kojima is in charge, the possibility of a brand new shared project is looking good. Maybe we’ll finally get the PT we deserve!