Konami ported over their popular Bomberman game to portable devices under the title of Taisen! Bomberman. So now anyone can get in on the super cute explosive action in celebration of the serie’s 30th birthday.

Taisen! Bomberman
Online feature

Bomberman, which came about in 1985, has been one of the staple multiplayer games for many households as the simple gameplay mechanics were very easy to grasp.

This version of the game offers two competitive 4-player modes (Online & Friend Battle) plus cross-platform support so people with iOS or Android can duke it out.

There is also a single player mode with 100 plus maps to clear. According to Konami, the game isn’t just a plain port, it is optimized specifically for mobile devices. You will still get the classic experience, from getting powerups from destroying blocks to running for your life from rival bomb explosions.

In their own words: “Where you can enjoy from beginner to advanced in optimized operability for the smartphone.”

Taisen! BombermanFor online battles, a ranking ladder system is implemented to show off how skillful the player is. High scores will be available to everyone in Japan. Later, Konami plans to include a feature that allows people to watch the online battles live and add comments. This feature is available to even non-premium users.

Pre-registration of the game is available in Japan now. Check out their site for more information about Taisen! Bomberman.