We know Konami‘s Bomberman as a four-versus-four cooperate battle game involving much running and a lot of explosives. They’ve taken this very same game and given them the anime treatment.

The arcade game is literally called Bombergirl, and was available to try out during the Japan Amusement Expo that ran last weekend.

Here’s Konami’s description on the game:

As Bombergirl, not Bomberman, this is an enjoyable new title with new game elements that is not only fun to play, it is also fun to watch.

Based on the block-destroying gameplay of Bomberman, Bombergirl tasks players with destroying the opposing team’s base before the other team in four-versus-four cooperative battles. By adding new game properties such as this, it is not only fun to play, it is also fun to watch. And with the button that pops out at the end, a match of Bombergirl is a sight worth seeing.

By raising strong and cute Bombergirls, you can make use of not only bombs, but various other skills. You can proceed through the match with the upper hand by strategically using skills. Bombergirl will have exciting matches that you can’t take your eyes off until the very end.

I’m not entirely sure what to think of this sudden “moe-fication” of the Bomberman characters, but given the game still has yet to be properly released, maybe there is a bit more to it. I kinda prefer the original Bomberman though, though they do pay homage to this on one character’s design.

In the meantime, you can check out their official website here, if you can read Japanese or check out the video below to see how it handles.