Kuroko no Basket Last Game

Kuroko no Basket fans rejoice, Odex is having a special fan screening for the Kuroko no Basket: Last Game movie this coming Sunday (7 May 2017). Want to catch your fave anime basketball team in their new movie AND get some goodies? Then you might want to book your tickets now.

The fan screening will be held at 2pm in SM Cinema at SM Megamall, Metro Manila and not only will you be catching the movie, attendees of the fan screening event will also be getting; 1 x A2 Poster, 1 x A4 Clear Folder and 3 sets of Japan import limited edition Key Chains (a total 9 key chains).

Tickets can be purchased HERE and they’re going for 1,500 pesos.

Kuroko no Basket fan screening poster philippines
Some of the goodies you’ll get when you attend the Kuroko no Basket – Last game fan screening

This would be a good opportunity to catch the movie earlier as the general release for it in the Philippines is expected to be 17 May 2017, so you’ll be seeing it a good week plus before it actually hit theatres.

Kuroko no Basket: Last Game sees n American street basketball team called Jabberwock coming to Japan to play a friendly match with a Japanese team. Coming from a win, the team members of Jabberwock start mocking Japanese basketball. Their comments enrage Riko’s father, leading him to gather a team made up of the five members of the Generation of Miracles called Vorpal Swords and plot a revenge match against Jabberwock.