The Alan Wake games are on its last legs as the franchise will be pulled from the Xbox Games Store and from Steam in less than a day’s time.

The reasoning for the pull is that the music license for the game’s score expires today (15 May) and the game cannot be sold unless Microsoft and Remedy Entertainment are able to renegotiate said licenses.

It’s rather unfortunate the game are getting pulled but Steam is having sales for it at the moment for insanely cheap prices (so as to ease the pain of the possible passing of the franchise) so if you’ve ever wanted any of the Alan Wake games, you can get the whole collection for just RM 7.50.

That said, Remedy still owns the Alan Wake IP but we don’t quite know where they will be taking it from here, but we’re sure it’s far from dead.

So don’t wait! if you want it, now’s the time to grab it.