sailor moon gashaponWe’re no stranger to Sailor Moon gashapon, especially since they’re celebrating their 40th year anniversary we are getting heaps of merch ranging from adorable figurines to fashion.

The latest batch of nostalgic gashapon are these super-deformed light up crystal charms. Coming in the form of the original Sailor Moon brooch, Disguise Pen, Moon Stick and Silver Crystal which light up at a touch, they’re cute but probably won’t help you with your own sailor transformations.

They retail at 400 yen (about RM 13) a pop and they’re apparently set to hit the street this month. So expect to see these gashapons appearing with retailers relatively soon. As for us, we can just hope that someone brings them in as there doesn’t seem to be a limited edition full set for this one.

Which is your favourite bit of Sailor Moon merch so far?

via Anime News Network

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