Poster for The Evil Within
In your face, buddy!
In your face, buddy!

Shinji Mikami, who is famous for the Resident Evil series, is the leading designer for the new survival horror game, Evil Within. It’s a collaborative effort between Bethesda Studio & Tango Gameworks. Available for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox One & Xbox 360.

The third person perspective-style has you playing as Sebastian Castellanos, and you must focus on scavenging supplies, fight or run in order to survive the ordeal. What’s unique about this game is the world can modify itself during scripted events and depending on what you do, including altering places or creating new paths.

When Sebastian uses medical items, some of them can cause hallucinations. In order to upgrade his abilities, you must seek out green fluid vials in the game. Various weapons are available — from a revolver to a special crossbow but players must be mindful about ammunition as it is scarce in the game. Melee combat is to push the enemy away and do beware — some of them can revive.

The plot has policeman Sebastian investigating a scene of a gruesome murder when suddenly he and his partner is ambushed. Knocked out during the ambush, he awakens only to find himself staring at horror when the undead are walking amongst the living.

Sounds pretty chilling and a perfect game to play during Halloween.

Turn off the lights, put on your Razer headsets and enjoy (a pillow might be needed for comfort).